Latest Kindle update revamps the homescreen for easier discovery

Naturally makes it simpler to give Amazon your cash, too

Keep a Kindle on your bedside table for late-night reading? It’s about to get an update that will make picking that next can’t-put-down page turner a lot easier.

Amazon just announced a February update for the 2014 Kindle, Kindle Voyage and Kindle Paperwhite (both the 2013 original and 2015 update) that will completely overhaul the home screen. 

It’ll add shortcuts for books on your wishlist and reading lists from Goodreads, as well as downloaded samples. Tap in your favourite genres or rate some specific books and Amazon will tweak its suggestions too.

Basically, it’s everything you’d need to hand over more cash to Amazon for ebooks.

New quick toggle settings will make it easier to switch your Kindle into airplane mode, or sync to the cloud, just by tapping the top toolbar.

You’ll be able to share quotes straight to Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads too. Anyone that clicks the link will get a preview of the book in their browser, without having to sign into Amazon first. 

You won’t have to download or install it yourself, either - your Kindle will grab it and do everything automatically over the next few weeks.