Is it a tablet. Is it a laptop? No, it’s the Microsoft Surface

The wait’s over. Microsoft finally gets the Surface Pro 4 over to India. Rejoice, all you artistic types

It’s been making waves ever since it was launched, but Microsoft’s Surface was never officially available in India. All that’s changed with the launch of the new Surface Pro 4.

So what’s the big deal? And what makes the Surface range such an attention-grabbing piece of kit? Plenty, as we figured out - for starters, you get a proper convertible that works like a large-ish Windows tablet, and as a laptop (well, on-the-lap use might not be the easiest but find a table and you’ll be hammering away the next bestselling novel in no time).

Add to that the active digitiser / pressure-sensitive stylus which makes any designer a happy camper, and you’ve got quite a compelling device that breaks the boring laptop mould and yet gives you a lot more than a tablet with a mobile OS.

Anyhow, what Microsoft has done is that it’s gotten the Surface Pro 4 - and its predecessor, the Surface Pro 3 - along to India. As you’d expect from a convertible device with a stylus, the launch presentation made it clear who the intended buyers are - harried execs dashing from meeting to meeting, and tie-and-dye wearing designers who never know when they’ll get that bit of inspiration for a gonzo sketch. In fact, the design community’s such a major target for the Surface Pro 4 that Microsoft had some folks from Adobe explain how the stylus can work wonders when combined with their new Creative Suite apps - not just for talented artists, but even for those of us who can’t draw a stick figure without making it look like a hairless chimp doing jumping jacks.

As for the raw specs, the Surface Pro 4 has a 12.3in PixelSense display and comes with a choice of Intel processors - from the Core M all the way to Core i7. There’s a Surface Type Cover, which makes this a full-fledged laptop, and a new Surface Pen with 1024 levels of sensitivity. And finally, with a slim profile (8.4mm) and up to 9 hours of battery life (according to Microsoft’s claims), the Surface Pro 4 makes for quite a powerful - yet portable - machine.

The Surface Pro 4 range starts off at 89,990, going all the way up to 1,44,990. If that seems too steep, you can also check out the Surface Pro 3, which has been priced at 73,990.

The Microsoft Surface range will be available via offline retailers, and also on Amazon India. There’s also a doorstep trial offer if you’d like to check it out without braving the January weather.