The EOS M6 is your Goldilocks Canon mirrorless

If the M3 was too weak, and the M5 was too big, then you’re in luck

I think I’ve always cast myself as one of the bears, not Goldilocks. 

To be honest, the whole reference falls down once you apply it to the business of cameras. Our little G-Thief was happy working in threes – too hot, too cold, just right – but any camera geek will tell you that (a) there’s no such thing as a camera that’s ‘just right’ and (b) you certainly aren’t going to get anywhere close to it with just three choices.

And then they’ll tell you, at great length, all about their set-up.

Ah, you’ve met a photographer. Fair enough, though: it’s a game of nuance and tweakery. The M6’s story is one of fairly broad strokes, though – Canon came late to the compact mirrorless party and is still, comparatively speaking, hanging around in the kitchen looking for the right size glass.

Last year’s EOS M5 pleased a lot of people with its built-in electronic viewfinder, extra controls and chunky grip. It was like a scaled down version of the EOS 80D SLR, with which it shares most of its innards.


You say ‘chunky’, you say ‘scaled down’. You talk in circles. 

Well, enter the M6. At 390g and 116x68x44.5mm, it’s smaller and lighter than the M5, but still has the 24.2MP CMOS sensor and DIGIC 7 processor. It doesn’t have the electronic viewfinder, but it does have a clip-on accessory – one with the same 2.36million dot readout. The EOS M6 Kit costs ₹56,995.

These are bewildering numbers, but conversation starters for camera fans, some of whom might find this latest EOS M-series option ‘just right’. Or, more fuel to their forum-based fire about Canon needing a full-frame mirrorless camera.

Buy the EOS M6 here from Canon