Asus’ Cerberus can be your perfect weapon

This keyboard, mouse and headphone combo is affordable and perfect for sapling-gamers.

Google ‘Cerberus’, and a Wiki link will tell you that in Greek mythology, the word ‘Cerberus’ means the ‘Hound of Hades’ - a monstrous multi-headed dog who guards the gates of the underworld, preventing the dead dudes from leaving.

Asus, after reading all this fancy stuff, decided to name their keyboard, mouse and headphone after said possessive, monstrous little doggie. Why? Because they can.

What’s in a name...

...wrote Shakespeare. Well, in the case of the Cerberus keyboard, quite a lot. First of all, the thing is built like a tank. It’s got a full SECC metal plate supporting it, so that it won’t break when you rage-quit and smash it on the floor. Secondly, it features three drain holes that allow liquids to flow out in case of an ‘accidental spill’ of your coffee or Mountain Dew. However, this doesn’t mean you can wash the keyboard.

And for those interested in the tech bits, it’s got a modest 12 macro keys for you to program in your commands, and two colours (red/blue) with rubberised feet to hold it in place. It costs a very pocket-friendly 3500.

The Cerberus mouse (now imagine a monstrous multi-headed mouse guarding the gates of the underworld - squeek, squeek) is a decent looker. It comes with four customisable DPI levels and the colour on the logo changes accordingly.

It’s designed for both left and right users, but if you want to make use of the two buttons that are on the left side of the mouse, you’ll need to use it with your right hand. With right or left, you’ll have to pay 1800 for it and 1200 for the cool mouse pad that looks kick-ass.

A good guard dog needs his communication sorted, and for that he has the Cerberus headset. It packs in 60mm  neodymium-magnet drivers and is compatible with PC, Mac, PlayStation 4 and other smart devices.

There’s a detachable boom mic for your in-game communication and an in-line mic for on-the-go chat. But we wouldn’t want to be seen outside with these big cans on our heads. Oh wait, we are gamers, we don’t go outside. So, it also helps that these feature 100mm full-size cushions for comfort and great noise cancellation. Worth every bit of 3900. Who’s a good doggie?