10 of the best iPhone 6s cases

Slather your iPhone in our selection of cases, and never face a smashed screen again

If you've never dropped your iPhone on a concrete pavement, screen-down, you've never truly lived. The adrenaline rush you get as you bend down to pick it up, those agonising seconds before the big reveal - that is life at it's most primal, most raw extreme.

Okay, so maybe not, but getting a smashed screen and/or a dented body is not fun, and can be downright costly. That's why we've rounded up a selection of hand-picked cases, which should help neutralise the pain of picking up a battered handset from its concrete grave.



For the pinnacle of understated styling, you can’t go far wrong wrapping the 6s in Apple’s own leather case. Sure, it might seem too easy opting for manufacturer-branded bits for your new baby, but when those bits are made from specially tanned European leather for ultimate luxury, it’s hard to argue for an alternative in premium protection. 

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Popslate e-ink case (USD $119, inclusive of shipping)

Popslate's case has a very, very neat trick. It's packing a 4in shatter-proof e-Paper screen on its reverse. Like a constantly customisable notepad panel, this case can show everything from boarding cards and album covers to statuses, weather widgets and books – all in the subtle e-ink goodness that still amazes us every time we pick up a Kindle. With it’s own 240mAh battery, it won’t be drained as it inkily feeds your brain either.

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Let’s assume you want to stick your iPhone 6s on a wall or your car dashboard with, say, a magnetic mount. Oh, fancy that: Knomo has just the solution. Using its specially built slimline case you can secure your handset on to any flat surface simply by sticking it to the case's little magnetic disc counterpart. The Mag:Mount itself is a small but mighty, leaving your hands free to drive/rave as required.

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X-Doria bump gear plus (₹4,633)

Dodgy name aside, this solid metal bumper does a rather fine job of protecting your iPhone 6s without adding any heft to it whatsoever. It’ll lift your handset’s screen and back off flat surfaces, protecting them from dust and debris, though it offers minimal drop protection compared to most other cases. Still, you can't argue with its slimness.

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GROVEMADE WALNUT AND LEATHER CASE (US$129, inclusive of shipping)

If you like a little more wood with your leather than Grovemade’s range of cases turn he luxury up a notch or too. This particular offering is made from solid walnut, finished with genuine leather on the rear. Ideal for a day at the country club.

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