ViewSonic M1 is your take-it-anywhere LED projector

Office meetings in the jungle
23 May 2018 / 18:17IST

I always wanted to carry a projector around, said no one ever. Except Stuff India’s marketing specialists. They grab unsuspecting clients in the middle of their family vacations and pitch how great we are. Naturally, a smartphone or a laptop is the way to go but these billion dollar deals (read as peanuts) need a fair bit of convincing. Whipping out a ViewSonic M1 and projecting advertorial sales on a wall inside a secluded cave might do the convincing. Or the marketing monkeys can wait to discuss it in an office conference room but that might not uncover its portable abilities of being a 0.75kg light projector with six hours of battery life, built in 16GB memory and Harman Kardon speakers! It’s also 3D compatible so your pie charts can really rub onto your client’s eyeballs. The smart stand can project those Full HD pixels in any direction making sure your target (client) cannot look away. You’ll need ₹49,000 to pocket this and also win free advice from Stuff India on how to pitch sales, maybe.

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