Kent Zoom is a Dyson-shaped vacuum without Dyson-tax

Hema, Jaya aur Sushma are going to save a lot of money
21 October 2020 / 13:20IST

The holiday season is upon us and the social media barrage of e-commerce websites are in full swing. Stuff’s list of products to review is getting longer and meatier but as we dust off each product from the list, new and exciting ones take their place. The Kent Zoom is that surprising one which we were not expecting to launch. The Zoom is pretty much your Dyson Vacuum cleaner from the looks of it. Cordless and with 1300W suction motor to scoop the dirtiest corners of your house. Kent says that it can go up to 30mins of cleaning duties on a full charge and comes with washable HEPA filters and interchangeable nozzles. The price? ₹14,999 and it’s available now on Kent’s website.

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