Germaphobes can check out Syska's bacteria killing light bulb

Lights on, germs gone
13 November 2019 / 10:21IST

If you are a germaphobe, this one’s a win win. Syska has introduced a brand new bulb that not just lights up your home at the flick of a switch but also aims to sanitise it. Yes, Syska’s ₹250 Bactiglow SSK-BAB-9W is smarter than your average light bulb because it also packs in microbial disinfection properties. The Bactiglow emits light in the wavelength of 400nm to 420nm, which according to Syska is enough to electrocute harmful bacteria present in a room. It also features two modes, a lighting plus anti-bacterial mode and just the anti-bacterial mode, in case you are worried about it ruining your room’s mood lighting.

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