William Penn’s Lamy Safari pen comes in a special edition petrol colour

Thankfully the price is not as high as the pricey fuel
20 June 2017 / 18:11IST

If you’ve been one to struggle with the dying art of writing, here’s just the thing for you. Word on the street is – there’s a new pen in town that might lift your mood. The Lamy Safari Petrol special edition fountain pen is slightly out of the ordinary. Not your humble design or colour for a fountain pen. For you, it would have been great if the mighty pen boasted of a motor too – the petrol would have come in handy. Clamp this writing accessory in your pocket, because at this wonderfully reasonable price of ₹2400, it’s bound to go out of stock from the William Penn stores sooner that you’d expect. Of course, people would buy it ‘coz it is, after all, a pen, not a car to run on petrol. In addition to the triangular finger grip area, it has a distinctive clip and ink level window to remind you before you run out of ink.