BenQ Zowie’s XL2546 gaming monitor will make other CS:GO players jealous

Smoother than your first date
26 September 2017 / 13:44IST

We asked one of India’s best CS:GO players how it feels to play CS:GO professionally. He said it’s equal to going on a date with the hottest girl in town cos’ everybody just asks you - how did it happen? And better yet, we know Zowie’s got a gaming monitor to make that dating experience smoother. The DyAc tech on this 25in monitor will help you pinpoint your bullet spray easily. Those P90 noobies can take a hike thanks to 240Hz refresh rate. You can even play dirty in the dark. It’s got a built-in black eQualizer that brightens dark areas without overexposing the bright ones. The S switch allows you to preset settings for any forthcoming dates. It’s got a TN panel with 1080p resolution and 1ms response time. Even the screen shields on both sides help you focus all your attention on the next playdate. Now all you need is ₹50,000 in your bank account to marry the game.