Portronics wants your music to Roar

TWS options to double the enjoyment
24 October 2019 / 10:32IST

Be it a festive holiday or just a trip into the wild, you need something that will keep your mind fresh while, and on the halt. And there’s nothing better than music to keep you going. So if you are planning that trip with friends to the nearest camping site or simply chilling with your family on the beach, try out the Portronics Roar as company too. This TWS 24W multifunction 2Kg retro-styled BT speaker will sing all your tunes for straight 7 hours. And with a splash and dust proof rugged exterior, you won’t need to babysit for it. Not so cheap though, these will hit you at ₹5999. But here’s a tip — pick one from the Portronics website and you could pick one for 10% cheaper, or even more.