Qmin app by Indian Hotels Company brings five star dining experience to your doorstep

More innovations in the pipeline for the hotel giants…

If ‘new normal’ hasn’t been quoted enough in your life ever since we entered the lockdown state of existence, then you’re either living in denial or qualify as a saint. 

We’re neither of the above, and have brooded enough, binge-watched some really questionable content (aka Indian Matchmaking and the likes) in order to make our peace with this ‘new normal’, became lockdown chefs to satiate those culinary cravings that haunted us while we stayed confined at home, forgoing life for the greater good of mankind. While we await our state of Nirvana, taste buds often act up, which, to be honest, is beyond our range of sensory control. 

Enter Qmin by Indian Hotels Company with its innovative solution to finally meet our craving for some of our favourite food from restaurants we love. While the Qmin App is currently live in Mumbai, with plans to go live across another nine cities soon, offline Qmin service is currently available across eight cities including Delhi, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Jaipur, Pune, Chennai, Lucknow and Hyderabad as well! If you’re craving for food, desserts and more from in-house restaurants at IHCL hotels, Qmin is the app to download to regain a sense of normalcy, as well as giving your taste buds a treat that they’ve so keenly been waiting for.

What’s in store?

Taj-at-Home via the Qmin App is an experience that’s ready to expand across nine other cities within a matter of months. What’s more is the gourmet Qmin Shop, which will soon be bringing artisanal brands from IHCL hotels to your homes, so while the science guys work on the vaccine, leverage these digital offerings so that neither gourmet nor shopping should suffer. 

IHCL is also in the process of introducing virtual meetings that one can host across locations via the Qmin App – curated to suit one’s need and the occasion, be it virtual business meetings or a private party with loved ones. 

Get set to revisit some of your favourite things, places and foods. But first, stop reading and salivating, exit this screen and go to your App Store!