Christmas Gift Guide 2019: amazing gadget gift ideas for tech kids, gamers and everyone else

In need of festive inspiration? We’ve got Christmas all wrapped up

It’s official: the sleigh has been upgraded, the reindeers are in training and the elves have filed the flight plans. Santa Claus is, once again, coming to town.

Besides leaving you little time to improve your naughty/nice ratio, that means two things: first, you need to write your letter to the man in red and, second, it’s time to get your shop on.

Can’t face browsing for hours on end? Worry not: we’re here to take the strife out of seasonal shopping with our inventory of inspired Christmas gift ideas – all of which are just a quick click away.

Whoever you’re buying for, there’s sure to be something appropriately awesome nestling in the guides below – and there are more on the way. You can thank us on Boxing Day.

15 gadget gift ideas for less than £50

Need to bring home great gifts without breaking the bank? From tablets to smart plugs to fitness bands, everything in this list can be yours for less than £50 – and it’s all top notch.

Choose a few to suit your recipients, stick them under the tree and reward your thrifty behaviour by blowing the rest of your budget on a cinnamon-scented spa day. You’ve earned it. Or, rather, spent it.

Check out our list of gadget gift ideas for less than £50

15 gadget gift ideas for less than £100

In the market for gifts plucked from the vine of affordability? Put down your pitchfork and drop that bag of mulch: we’ve toiled the field of festive tech and harvested a crop of a cracking gifts that all cost £100 or less.

From power banks and dash cams to earphones and smart home assistants, put any one of these treats beneath the tree this Christmas and you’re sure to reap a smile – without emptying the silo of cash.

Check out our list of gadget gift ideas for less than £100

15 gadget gift ideas for gamers & gaming geeks

Whether it's retro high-score challenges or modern multiplayer melees, Christmas is a crucible for competitive behaviour and, with so many relations under one roof, it’s the perfect opportunity for a round-robin tournament.

Keen to claim the paper crown again this year? From clever controllers to throwback consoles, there’s plenty here to upgrade your gaming efforts – and even more to keep the whole clan entertained.

Check out our list of gadget gift ideas gamers & gaming geeks