Christmas Gift Guide 2017: 20 great games for Xbox One gamers

Load up your wish list with the latest and greatest Xbox picks

Whether you're rocking an older Xbox One, the revised Xbox One S, or the ultra-powerful new Xbox One X, you'll surely want some new games to play on the thing this Christmas.

With a few weeks left until the big day, it's time to start decking out your wish list with the year's biggest games – or maybe even a few of the older favourites you might've missed. That's where we come in. We've picked 20 of the Xbox One's best games, with a strong emphasis on what's especially new and exciting, and we've assembled them all here to make your tough task much easier than usual.

And if you're the one planning to buy Xbox One games for someone else, well, we've got you covered. It's hard to go wrong with any of these games, whether your gamer recipient is into shooters, racing games, fighters, or something else entirely.

Gears of War 4


Halo 5: Guardians might not have been the most rousing Xbox One return for one of Microsoft's flagship shooter series, but that's not a problem with Gears of War 4. It's the same old song and dance, for the most part, albeit with an incredible level of polish and pure, dumb fun.

Gears 4 picks up 25 years after the last numbered entry, as new hero JD Fenix continues where dad Marcus left off, wielding the chainsaw-bladed Lancer for the future of mankind. Frantic stop-and-pop shooting paired with dazzling graphics help this old favourite feel fresh again.

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Overwatch is the current breakout, must-play multiplayer smash - and Blizzard's shooter shows no signs of slowing down even after more than a year of release. With continual tweaks, gradual new hero additions and big esports plans unfolding in the coming months, now's the time to climb aboard.

Even with a colourful and cartoonish look, Overwatch delivers some of the most satisfyingly intense combat available today, with the team-based battles finding the sweet spot between frantic blasting and smart, strategic team play.

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