The iPhone Photography Awards exist and here are its winning snapshots

We’re not kidding, it’s an official photography competition and the submissions are simply stunning

The iPhone Photography Awards (IPPAWARDS) have been in judgement of global iPhone-tography since 2007 and are in no way affiliated to Apple - just in case you think this is another marketing gimmick.

It should come as no surprise that such a photography contest should exist given that we’re constantly snapping pictures with our phones and that the iPhone’s camera is one of the best around. Before you start thinking that this is a contest based on post-processing skills, the rule is each entry can only be shot and then edited on an iOS device so even the most professional of Photoshoppers have to rely on mostly raw shooting talent. 

This year, iPhone-tographers from all over the world submitted their best shots for a chance to place in any of the 17 categories. Feast your eyes on the winners of each category and be inspired by what that little iPhone camera can capture. Also, check out the local submissions.  

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1st Place - Photographer of the Year

By Julio Lucas

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2nd Place - Photographer of the Year

By Jose Luis Barcia Fernandez

3rd Place - Photographer of the Year

By Jill Missner

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