Surf’s up: Garmin’s new watersport watch loves getting wet

Well it would do, if it had the ability to feel emotions

Garmin has announced the Quatix 3 - a version of its existing Fenix 3 fitness watch that’s aimed at water-loving gadgeteers.

The watch itself features the same smarts as its regular brother, which include powerful GPS modules, an altimeter, barometer and 3-axis compass, but throws in extra water-centric features as well.

It’s capable of receiving data from compatible marine sensors, letting you keep on top of things like temperature, depth, wind speed and more, when you’re out splashing away from a boat, and there’s remote control support for the company’s marine stereo and action camera too.

There’s even a man overboard hotkey, letting you navigate back to the safety of a boat if you take an unexpected tumble. Though it won’t do much to fend of sharks, we presume.

Smartwatch functionality like notifications are also present, and you can of course check how many calories you’ve burned swimming around, though other sports like golf are also supported, if you fancy a stroll on dry land for a change.

It has an impressive 20 hour battery life with the GPS activated, otherwise it’ll carry on going for an impressive six weeks on a single charge, which is very impressive when compared to a regular smartwatch or fitness tracker.

The Quatix 3 itself is capable of diving down to 100 metres and has a sapphire lens for maximum scratch resistance, along with a reinforced glass-fibre case for durability.

There’s no word on UK pricing or availability as of yet, but it’ll hit the states for a pricey US$600 by the end of February.

[via Engadget]