Next Big Thing – Twin headphones

Sharing is caring – so show your sensitive side with these twin headphones

Twin headphones? What lunacy is this?

This twin headphone concept is designed to encourage people to share their music with each other – simply pop the smaller pair out and pass to a friend – and then listen to the same tunes using Bluetooth.

Don't we have headphone cable splitters for this?

Well, yes, but there's less chance of you getting tangled up with each other with the twin headphones.

Well, I'd rather the teenagers on the bus used these instead of their mobiles to share their music with each other…

You'll probably still hear what they're listening to, though. There's likely to be some noise leakage – designer Roel Deden notes that "he big headphone opens up to create a circle around your ears, which makes it possible to have a conversation about what you hear." Which seems like a nice way of saying there's a ruddy great hole in the big pair of headphones.

We like the basic idea, though – if he can fix that little design flaw, Roel could be onto a winner here.

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