Performance: stable and stellar

Here’s the thing – I can’t fault AmpliFi one bit.

Its performance since setup has been absolutely rock solid. Previously, in certain areas of the house there would be no internet connection whatsoever, but now even the garden has a strong signal.

My home broadband speed isn’t the fastest, but the AmpliFi system has made it incredibly stable. I tried everything to lose a signal, and couldn’t once manage it – even in the far left-hand corner of the garden under the apple tree.

It even worked in the shed. And this is something to consider – if you have an outside office which isn’t too far from your house, a mesh system like AmpliFi could be just the ticket.

I just have a shed rather than an office, but if I want to go hide in there I now know I can without losing my Sky Go stream.

AmpliFi with a two MeshPoint setup may be a little overkill if you’re in a one-bed flat; but you can buy just the router and get the benefit of extended range and features to customise your network, adding guests or simply ruining your kids’ fun by scheduling their web connection, with ease via the app.

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Ubiquiti AmpliFi HD Mesh System review

A rock-solid mesh Wi-Fi kit that'll boost the range and stability of your home network. Go get
Good Stuff 
Fantastic design
Great app
Easy to set up
Rock-solid performance
Bad Stuff 
More expensive than Google Wifi