We sure have come a long way since the day of set-top boxes. They’re still around, but for a few years now, my entertainment has solely been from video streaming sites like Youtube or Netflix. Which is why I feel this smart TV is perfect for those who don’t consume traditional television anymore.


The Sharp Aquos 2TC45AE1X is a 45” LED smart TV that displays Full HD at 24p. The screen can be vibrant and sharp. I say ‘can’ because out of the box, it wasn’t the case. However, you can easily rectify this in the settings and adjusting the screen to your desired look.


The port selection is decent enough, giving you two HDMIs, one USB 2.0 and a 3.5mm Auxillary. Besides that, the Sharp Aquos has a few wireless connection options of which is what makes it ‘smart’. The first being Screen Mirroring that allows you to broadcast whatever’s on your mobile device - photos, videos, games to the TV itself.


Next, it inevitably has WiFi and now would be the best time to tell you that the remote control comes with dedicated web browser and Youtube buttons. It also comes with Bluetooth so you can wirelessly connect to any compatible devices you may own like headphones or speakers.


Or you could connect to the Sharp CPSW60A1 Subwoofer.


The speaker quality of the Sharp Aquos is pretty adequate already and when you add in the subwoofer, it totally enhances the overall media consuming experience - music is bassier, gameplay packs more of a punch; and movies, from the ambience to epic scores, were brought to another level. The only downside is that you have to get them separately.


In terms of the setting up, it’s plug-and-play for both the TV and the subwoofer - all’s that left is for you to pick for choice of connection and the subwoofer would be open to be paired via Bluetooth. The intuitive user interface will allow you to easily find the WiFi and Bluetooth settings can be easily found under the ‘Smart TV’ tab.

Stuff says... 

Sharp Aquos 45” Smart TV and Subwoofer review

As someone who uses the Internet more often than not, I feel this is the perfect TV to integrate into your daily Internet usage at home.
Good Stuff 
Easy to assemble
Youtube and browser buttons on the remote
Subwoofer makes a huge difference for the sound
Bad Stuff 
The display could be brighter
The colors are vivid, but only after adjustments in the settings
Subwoofer comes separately