At some point in your lives, you’ve probably considered getting a desktop monitor - be it general usage, gaming or for creatives. But the monitor we’re talking about today is one for the modern day white-collar worker. Designed with the contemporary office in the mind, the ViewSonic VG2755-2K monitor delivers an efficient productivity experience, and you know my deal with productivity - plus a less-than-common feature that helps with decluttering and organisation. Let’s jump right into the review.

Build and Design

From a design standpoint, the ViewSonic VG2755-2K has a fairly minimal look - with a flat base, rectangular spine with a handle and then the display itself. But despite the aesthetics, you just can’t shake the feeling that it’s hiding its potential behind the veneer of minimalism. That being said, the monitor has a three-sided frameless design that gives a nearly seamless viewing experience when in multi-monitor setups, plus their SuperClear IPS panel technology provides a whopping 178-degree viewing angle.

The amazing viewing angle complements the advanced ergonomic features including swivel, pivot, height adjust, and tilt of the monitor that lets you have a greater range of adjustment for increased comfort - it can tilt up to 40-degrees! This is a great time to mention my desire for a standing desk, and when I eventually get one, you’ll know which monitor I’ll be getting.


Of course, we have to talk about the screen itself, because it’s the cake itself - everything else is icing and cherry. Besides the wide viewing angle I mentioned earlier, the monitor features a 27-inch display with Flicker-Free technology and a Blue Light Filter help to eliminate eye strain, a.k.a. The Bane of All Writers, from extended viewing periods. The monitor also comes with unique ViewMode presets like ‘Game,’ ‘Movie,’ ‘Web,’ ‘Text,’ and ‘Mono’. These presets can enhance the gamma curve, color temperature, contrast, and brightness to deliver an optimized viewing experience for different screen applications. Though, I found that the presets weren’t to my liking, however it was easy to adjust the settings to match my preferences.

The VG2755-2K is decent for gaming - it goes up to 2560 × 1440 resolution and a standard 60hz refresh rate. But once more, I have to reiterate that you make sure your machines can support the resolution for gaming before considering getting this monitor, or any monitor in fact.


Remember that “less-than-common feature” I mentioned earlier? It has to do with the ports - one particular port, which is a USB 3.1 Type-C. “What does that mean exactly?”, asked the unsuspecting reader. Well, this means that thin and light laptops that have the same port can simply use a USB-C cable to connect to the monitor, and charge the laptop at the same time! I really love this feature - technically, all you need the power cable for the monitor and USB-C cable to your laptop. No more separate power sources and charging bricks that take up desk space. Paired that with a wireless keyboard and mouse, and you’ll have a setup that’ll make Marie Kondo proud. Of course, you still have the usual DisplayPort, HDMI, VGA ports which you can still use and no one will judge you for it.


The ViewSonic VG2755-2K is perfect for those of you who have a thin-and-light laptop that charges via a USB-C cable or just anyone who wants a clean viewing experience with their monitors. It’s also a nice upgrade from 1080p resolution, for those who can’t really support 4K just yet and wants more screen space to work with - sidenote, 1440p gives 70% more space than 1080p resolution.

Stuff says... 

ViewSonic VG2755-2K review

The ViewSonic VG2755-2K can the everyday monitor for the everyday person, but it fits more at the home office.
Good Stuff 
Minimal design
Wide viewing angle
USB 3.1 Type-C that supports charging
Bad Stuff 
Only 60hz refresh rate
Not the most colour accurate