Honor may seem like just midrange offerings to most people, but that doesn’t mean that they’ll ever skimp out on quality. Just because the big boys at Samsung and Huawei are pumping out phones with upwards of three or four cameras, that doesn’t mean Honor will be slacking off. They instead provided an answer with the Honor 20 Lite.

Originally announced to the Chinese and Indian markets as the Honor 10i, this phone has been repackaged and renamed for us here in Malaysia as the Honor 20 Lite, a much more appealing name all things considered. This evokes it as a sequel to the 10 Lite, while also being a more affordable substitute for the Honor View 20.

The Honor 20 Lite is fully equipped with an Octa-Core Kirin 710 processor, a Mali-G51 graphics chip, with 4 GBs of RAM and 128 GBs of memory. This makes for a great combination that provides silky, smooth performance all around. It also has a 3400 mAH battery, which is fine and does the job, but a bigger battery would have definitely been better.

The main draw of this phone is definitely the triple camera setup, which includes a 24 MP main camera, 8 MP wide angle, and 2 MP depth sensor, as well as the 32 MP front camera. The triple array works wonders, especially for outdoor shots. You have a ton of options on how to approach taking pictures, and the 32 MP front camera is just perfect for selfies.

The AI on this phone is spectacular, especially combined with the cameras. It can automatically detect whether you’re taking a group photo, a landscape shot, or even lines of text. The AI will then work to make sure you get the best quality for your photos as possible. The phone also has an excellent Night Mode, bridging the gap between night and day seamlessly.

At MYR 949 you really are getting your money’s worth and there’s not many things that bog this phone down. One major missed opportunity is that the phone doesn’t use USB Type C, using an almost outdated USB 2.0 connection. This makes charging not as fast as its contemporaries. The stock colours aren’t amazing as well, but there is an upcoming collaboration with Bathing Ape, which mitigates this and will likely provide some pretty unique designs.

All in all, the Honor 20 Lite is truly a marvel and an exemplary smartphone in the affordability line. If you’re looking for an upgrade that doesn’t hurt your wallet, this is definitely the smartphone for you.

Stuff says... 

Honor 20 Lite review

The best thing you can get below 1000 ringgit!
Good Stuff 
Below MYR 1K
Great camera array and AI
Smooth performance
Bad Stuff 
No USB Type C
Moderate battery
Unappealing colours