OPPO Find X2 Is Here To Up The Game In 5G Flagship Smartphones In Malaysia

Get what you need to face this upcoming 5G era

5G flagship smartphones are making its way into the Malaysian market and there's no doubt about it; they're all equipped with the latest tech and innovation to cater to every user's needs and demands. But while some flagship smartphones focus on raising the bar of one aspect of the device, like the screen or the camera, the OPPO Find X2 is all about raising the bar in all aspects of what a flagship smartphone can offer.

OPPO has always been about meeting the needs of all their users by delivering the best of what technology has to offer, and the OPPO Find X2 is no different. Here's what makes the OPPO Find X2 the best 5G flagship smartphone in the market!

Display: OPPO's First 120Hz Flagship Screen With True Vivid Colour Display

A powerful screen is necessary for you to not only truly immerse yourself in new worlds in videos games, but it helps in getting all you need done with ease, which is where the OPPO Find X2 comes in. With its professional level screen, you’re getting a 3K resolution with AMOLED and 10bit colours that’s even capable of supporting YouTube viewing of up to 120fps and Netflix with up to 60fps.

OPPO Find X2 devices now Netflix certified. This means all OPPO Find X2 users can enjoy HDR screening of all Netflix movies. Typically, all devices are able to stream Netflix content in HDR or HD, however users are required to subscribe to the 4k plan on their account. As OPPO Find X2 officially supported by Netflix for streaming content in high definition (HD), users can experience the detailed contrast ratios and color accuracy while streaming videos.

But the main feature comes from the device being OPPO's first flagship phone with an ultra high refresh rate of 120Hz, that's not just great for gamers who yearn for a great gaming experience with smooth visuals and operational experience. Even those on the go who needs to catch up on emails or scroll through social media and information will find doing it all on the OPPO Find X2 a smooth experience.

But doesn't a high refresh rate consume more battery, like other flagships? Well, the OPPO Find X2 comes with an intelligent adaptive refresh rate system automatically adjusts the screen resolution based on user’s needs, minimising power consumption without sacrificing visual experience.

That's not all; boasting a 6.78 inch screen, OPPO Find X2 comes with an optimised QHD+ resolution (3168 x 1440) of 513 ppi, giving a clearer and better looking content display even under bright sunlight. The true billion colour display provides an excellent colour accuracy and colour restoration accuracy. No matter where you are, whether outdoors or indoors, you will always get the best display on your screen, and with a big screen in your hand with a high refresh rate, you can read your emails and review your documents with ease.

Camera: A 48MP Triple Camera Setup That Gives You 60x Digital Zoom And Ultra Night Mode

Smartphone photography & videography has become a major factor in a person's decision in purchasing a smartphone, and the OPPO Find X2 is equipped with the best cameras available in the market. So much so that it was even recognised by DxOMark, calling the OPPO Find X2 OPPO’s masterpiece thus far and ranking No. 1 on their mobile camera list with a high score of 124.

What makes the device so powerful is its 48MP Sony IMX689 main camera together with a 48MP Sony IMX586 ultra-wide angle lens and a 18MP telephoto lens; the best there is for vivid colour accuracy and a more natural light transition to photos and videos. DxOMark has also given the camera a high score due to its excellent autofocus performance as well as nice ultra-wide shots and even realistic bokeh shots with wide dynamic range.

Attending a concert or an event where the stage is too far can be frustrating if you want to capture memories, but the OPPO Find X2 has you covered. With the  2nd-generation 10x hybrid zoom that can go up to 60x digital zoom, you can get up close and personal to capture a clear, smooth photo from a distance.

And if the event you're attending is dark, the OPPO Find X2 comes with an Ultra Night Mode 3.0 that guarantees a picture perfect moment in any and every situation. It make use of the full coverage of all focal lengths, significantly improving the night shot quality with the telephoto camera. So take those shots, even if it's too dark and too far for you, because the OPPO Find X2 has you covered!

The videography from the OPPO Find X2 isn’t something to sleep over either, as it comes with an ultra steady 2.0 for some of the best shots taken even as you move, and ultra wide shots so you can capture every moving movement with no limitations.

Performance: Get Plenty Of Power And Performance

It's not always about fun and games in your daily life; sometimes it's all about getting work done and getting it done efficiently. The OPPO Find X2 offers a whole new dimension to working on the move with features that ensure you get all you need done easily any time.

With 12GB RAM + 512GB ROM + LPDDR5, you can have tons of business apps open, save necessary files or even switch between them easily with no concern of an app crashing on you or even the device lagging behind. Being the first 5G flagship smartphone to be powered by the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 865 chipset in Malaysia, paired with the ColorOS, you have plenty of power packed in the OPPO Find X2 to make every process a smooth experience no matter how much you push the device.

And when it comes to battery power, the OPPO Find X2 comes with a large and long battery life of 4260mAh and is equipped with the new and impressive 65W Super VOOC 2.0. This means you have a super charger that is the fastest and safest 65W charge solution in the industry, as recognised by the TUV, and is capable of charging the battery to 100% in 35 minutes, right within your hands.

Get The OPPO Find X2

Even with the Movement Control Order in place currently in Malaysia, you can get your hands on the OPPO Find X2 through a free delivery service available that will also come with extra goodies to boot.

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