When the Pocophone F1 was first launched in India, it blew the collective minds of smartphone users across the world with its Snapdragon 845 chipset, liquid cooling system and 4,000mAh battery. All for a retail price of MYR 1,299.

So, does this phone actually invalidate every flagship phones out there? And, what corners did Xiaomi cut to deliver this product with those specifications at that price point? Let’s find out! 

The body itself is made of plastic but the build quality is actually pretty decent. It has some heft to it and the curved edges make it great to hold in your hands. If you’re not a fan of the material, you’ll at least appreciate the durability. Unlike glass builds that shatter and metallic builds that dent, this can definitely withstand more than a few drops. 

The display is Corning Gorilla Glass and is an IPS screen with adequate enough colors. They aren’t as vibrant or contrasty as I would like. Yes, unfortunately, it has a notch - slightly thicker than most notches even, with a thick chin to boot. The viewing angles aren’t great but then again, how often do you look at your phone from an angle? Regardless of how deep your hate for notches and bezels go, the display would suffice any user especially at that price point. 

The stereo speaker came as a pleasantly unexpected surprise. They’re loud and clear but one downside is that the speakers are still next to the port and facing away from you. 

Now, let’s get to the nitty gritty and talk about performance. There was no noticeable lag in performance during general usage or even multitasking. Games like PUBG also could be played at the highest settings with smooth gameplay. This shouldn’t be surprising since, again, it’s sporting the Snapdragon 845 - the best performing processor in the market as of writing this article. 
The liquid cooling system works well enough with some detectable increase in heat after an hour of playing PUBG Mobile. You’ll be well off doing almost anything on this device. 
Additionally, the Pocophone F1 has a fingerprint sensor and face recognition, both of which are very snappy - instantly unlocking your phone whichever way you choose to do so. 

As for the cameras, it has 12MP + 5MP rear camera setup and given the price point, it was assumed that the camera would be one aspect Xiaomi would skimp on. However, the rear camera produces pleasing photos in well-lit environments. The edge detection in portrait mode is spot on and the HDR makes for detailed landscapes. The 20MP front camera will produce similar results. Although, the photos suffer in low light with grainy photos and HDR that has the details smeared out. 

The Pocophone F1 has 4,000mAh battery which is unheard of for phones of that price point. At full charge, the battery can definitely carry you through the day even with heavy usage. It even uses USB-C to charge, another extra step that Xiaomi took for faster charging.

Stuff says... 

Pocophone F1 review

At MYR 1,299, you’ll get 6gb of RAM and 64gb of storage. The price point was a huge factor in talking about the Pocophone F1 and despite the few flaws mentioned, this is currently the best value-for-money smartphone you can find in the market.
Good Stuff 
Good build quality with some heft despite the plastic build
Great performance with the Snapdragon 845
Big 4000mAh battery
Bad Stuff 
The colours are slightly washed out
Sizable notch with a thick chin