Your future smartphone will be able to shoot 1000fps ultra slow-mo video

Sony’s new smartphone camera sensor takes better slow-motion video than most DSLRs and compact system cameras

Sony has unveiled its new smartphone camera sensor that’s able to capture 1080p full HD video at an incredible 1000fps.

Sony says this is eight times faster than the competition, adding that it can also shoot 19.3MP photos at 1/120th of a second, four times faster than other camera sensors available currently.

What does this all mean? To put it into perspective, the iPhone 7 and Google Pixel can only shoot 1080p slow-motion video at 120fps, and the Samsung Galaxy S7 at only 60fps on 1080p, which don’t end up as smooth as the video you see below of the new Sony camera sensor.

In addition to blowing its previous models and the competition out of the water, not even most DSLR or compact system cameras are able to shoot slow-motion video at that speed. Even the new Sony RX100 V with double length super slow-motion is only able to hit 960fps at full HD video quality. By comparison, most DSLR cameras can only hit 120fps at 1080p video.

The potential for super clear slow motion videos easily whipped up from your phone is limitless - from videos of hummingbirds in motion, a slow-mo of that awesome football goal or even record you and your friends making a huge splash at the pool. It'll certainly make for some cool shareable videos. 

While we won’t be seeing this tech in our smartphones immediately, don’t be surprised to see the latest Sony Xperia, Apple, Google or China-based smartphone (which all use Sony camera sensors in their phones) debut a super slow-motion video feature in their flagship models very soon.