You could be clasping on an iWatch by October this year

Along with availability, major details about its looks emerge
You could be clasping on an iWatch by October this year

Speculations of an iWatch have, surprisingly, been under the radar as compared to iPhone rumours since the first leaks surfaced at the start of this year.

But now, a new report from Reuters has emerged, indicating that Apple will soon kick start its production of iWatches in July, to be ready for your wrists by as early as October. It claims the i-giant will ship some 50 million units of these wearable devices within the first year of its launch.  

Taiwan’s Quanta Computers has been roped in to mass-produce the device, if you believe Reuters’ sources.   

It also divulges some physical details of the iWatch – it will apparently be “slightly rectangular” (we’re guessing something along the lines of a FuelBand or Acer Liquid Leap), with a 2.5in arched OLED display, which will curve up from the band. 

You could be clasping on an iWatch by October this year

This screen could be rather special, if LuxVue creates the display for the wearable (Apple recently acquired the company for US$43 million). However, it’s been reported that LG will supply the display for its first round of testing, so we can only guess what it’ll really be.  

Health-tracking functionalities are also one to look out for, which sounds almost certain to be included in it since Apple announced its new fitness and wellness-tracking app for iOS 8. Reuters’ sources say it will sport a pulse sensor similar to that of the Gear 2.   

It might also sport touchscreen controls, as well as wireless charging.

The source mentions the iWatch is currently under trial, but keeping in mind its October availability, it won’t be that long before it surfaces from deep within Apple’s secretive Cupertino-based lair.

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[Source: Reuters, image: Mashable