You Can Soon Use Credit And Debit Cards To Pay PLUS Tolls Via PLUS RFID

Let's hope this ends congestions at tolls

So far, payment options at tolls mainly include the physical Touch ‘N Go (TNG) card, Smart Tag device or the TNG RFID option, some of which utilises the TNG e-wallet. While PLUS highways still don't deduct from the TNG e-wallet, it will have a new e-wallet payment instead where it comes with a new payment option to look out for too; credit or debit cards.

Berita Harian has reported that PLUS is currently upgrading its infrastructure nationwide to make this happen with the process expected to be completed by the end of the year. Once done, you can link credit and debit cards, as well as any other e-wallet, to PLUS’ RFID. 

This is completely different from TNG's RFID unfortunately. A matter which remains quite perplexing, considering that this creates another payment infrastructure rather than utilise one that is currently available.

With that said, the goal of this new form of payment remains. Datuk Azman Ismail, managing director of PLUS, says that this is being done to help reduce the congestion at toll booths which is usually caused by the lack of funds in people’s TNG cards when passing through tolls. With more payment options, hopefully the problem of insufficient funds in TNG cards will be solved and will help reduce congestion.