Patent Reveals Microsoft’s Handheld Xbox To Combat The Nintendo Switch

The Xbox might be getting its first handheld console.

It’s been 2 years since the Nintendo Switch made its debut, and it has proven to be an absolute hit. With model revisions and a whole new Nintendo Switch Lite, the best is still to come with Nintendo’s handheld console hybrid. While Sony has backed out of the handheld market altogether, it seems that Microsoft will be taking a stab at it for the first time ever.

Microsoft has had three major consoles, and have never made their own handheld gaming system, even during the Nintendo DS and PSP’s heyday. Thanks to a patent made by Microsoft, the company’s plans for a detachable controller device that will connect to the sides of a smartphone has been revealed. The patent shows that this proposed controller will use the standard ABXY face buttons of that Xbox is known for, even featuring the usual Xbox Home button.

While this may be more inline with the Gamevice, which is a third party controller device for smartphones, what makes Microsoft’s patent interesting is that it seems to be made for the Xbox Cloud service. With the Cloud, players will be able to stream console quality games to any device with a screen and Wifi capabilities. Sarang Sheth from Yanko Designs had taken the patent illustrations and made a concept rendering of this handheld Xbox Cloud. 

So while these designs are very reminiscent of the Nintendo Switch, the cloud-based service seems to be Microsoft’s response against the Google Stadia platform. In any case, it’s going to be very interesting when this handheld becomes officially revealed by Microsoft themselves.