Watch This Now: Free To Play

If you’re a gamer of any kind, you have to watch this full documentary by Valve on YouTube
Watch This Now: Free To Play (The Gaming Documentary)

Valve’s documentary on the competitive gaming scene is out and it’s really a good watch.

Called Free To Play, the documentary focuses on three pro-gamers from around the world as they make their way to The International in 2011, the premier annual DOTA tournament held by Valve with prizes that total up to more than US$1 million.

It's a shame that our own Malaysian team MUFC was only mentioned in passing but still, it's a great watch especially since one of the players that the documentary was focused on was DOTA superstar Dendi. And don't be surprised when you spot NBA star Jeremy Lin in the documentary. Turns out, he’s a big DOTA enthusiast as well.

You can now watch the whole documentary on YouTube. Though the main focus of the documentary is on DOTA II, anyone that has ever entertained thoughts of going professional in the gaming arena has to watch it.

Right, time to get our popcorn and enjoy the show. And if you have a sudden urge to try out DOTA II, it's free to download via Steam.

Source: YouTube