Virgin Galactic to accept Bitcoin for space trips

Richard Branson will fling you off the planet in exchange for the virtual currency
Virgin Galactic flight

Richard Branson has announced that Virgin Galactic, the space travel arm of his company, will accept the virtual currency Bitcoin as payment.

One future astronaut has already purchased her ticket using Bitcoin, Branson revealed in a blog post. He also called the currency “one of the world’s most innovative businesses looking to the future” and says he has invested in a few Bitcoins himself.

Bitcoins in space

A single Bitcoin, at the time of writing worth about US$900, would have cost you just US$10 a couple of years ago – so you can see why the currency is getting people excited. And given the high price of Virgin Galactic space flights – US$250,000 (around RM803,375) apiece – early investors in Bitcoin may have found one of the cheapest ways to leave Earth’s atmosphere.

The first commercial Virgin Galactic flight is planned for next year, and Branson will be on board with his children Sam and Holly. The event will be broadcast live in the US.

[ via The Verge]