Ultimate Setup: Apple iPhone 6s

The best aftermarket add-ons for Apple’s newest range-topper

Just got your toasty paws on a steaming new iPhone 6s, fresh from Apple’s manufacturing belt? Or spending your lonely hours lusting after one? Lucky you: we’re here to give you the definitive lineup of awesome accessories for the new Cupertino flagship.

From cases and screen protectors to wireless speakers and camera add-ons, there’s everything here to keep your 6s scratch-free and super-performing.

Apple iPhone 6s Leather Case (RM209)

First things first, you’ll probably want to keep that sleek, aluminium casing just as shiny as the day you slid it out of Apple’s toned-down packaging – especially given that the 6s is almost identical to its s-less brother.

Thankfully, you don’t have to look far for a fresh iPhone get-up: for the pinnacle of understated styling, you can’t go far wrong wrapping the 6s in Apple’s own leather case.

Sure, it might seem a bit too easy to opt with manufacturer-branded bits for your new baby, but when those bits are made from specially tanned European leather for ultimate luxury, it’s hard to argue for an alternative in premium protection.

Available in five different tans, we’re fans of Saddle Brown chic. What? It goes with our shoes.

Buy the Apple iPhone 6s Leather Case here

Quicktap Tempered Glass Screen Protector (RM117)

With the body wrapped up good, you’ll want to keep that super screen safe from unexpected shocks and drops.

But hold up: the 6s is some top-end tech. Whilst it might not have been given the sapphire crystal treatment by Apple, it’s still a smart bit of 4.7in real estate – you can’t just plaster any old piece of plastic across it.

Happily, Quicktap’s tempered glass protector is both firm and functional. It’s a high quality bit of frontage, with a trick hidden up its reinforced sleeve: with active elements built-in, you can tap the bottom of your 6s screen to activate the top.

Why would you want that? Well, for small-palmed surfers, reaching across for lofty menu heights of the iPhone’s visage can be a struggle. Instead, this 0.33mm thin, bubble-free bash-buster lets you operate up-top options from down low. Smashing (or, not).

Buy the Quicktap Tempered Glass Screen Protector here

Popslate (RM552)

Sometimes, even a protected display just isn’t enough. With iOS9 packing a smarter Siri than ever, you may well find yourself needing more screen-space for your digital PA to push tickets, notifications and social updates.

Gorge yourself, then, on the Popslate: a sufficiently slim case for your 6s, its nifty trick is packing a 4in shatter-proof e-Paper screen on its reverse.

Yep, like a constantly customisable notepad panel, this case can show everything from boarding cards and album covers to statuses and weather widgets – all in the subtle e-ink goodness that still amazes us every time we pick up a Kindle.

We have seen the likes of dual-screen devices before, but the Popslate lets you double the display of your latest iPhone in a jiffy - and, with it’s own 240mAh battery, it won’t be drain as it inkily feeds your brain.

Buy Popslate here

Twice the screeny goodness

Woodpuck Qi Wireless Charger (RM255)

If you’re more a fan of going wireless than being dialled in, this funky wooden wire-free charger should be right up your tree.

Available in several coffee-inspired colour tones, the Woodpuck looks at home on even the most mahogany of desks.

“Wait,” we hear you cry, “the iPhone doesn’t have wireless charging capabilities!” Oh, ye of little faith: it’s all be thought of by the Woodpuck's plucky manufacturers. Simply stick the Qi panel on your device’s back and plug the flat cable into its Lightning port and voila - a clutter-free charging solution.

Just don’t leave it on your workbench.

Buy the Woodpuck Qi Wireless Charger here

Knomo Mag:Mount (RM85)

Let’s not forget that the 6s is one fine piece of phone kit – so good, in fact, that you might just want to put it on your wall with, say, a magnetic mount.

Oh, fancy that: Knomo has just the solution. Using its specially built slimline case you can secure your new baby onto any flat surface simply by sticking on the little magnet counterpart.

On the wall? Check. On the ceiling? Check. On the garden shed? Well, yes, but why? Anyway, the Mag:Mount is a small but mighty powerful disc, which should leave you handsfree and able to appreciate the sleek lines of your 6s whilst the now constantly-listening Siri assists your spaghetti carbonara experiment – we’d advise against mounting it to the pan, though.

Buy the Knomo Mag:Mount here