U Mobile's Hero Plus plan lets users share a data package

The new supplementary plan offers more data for less

Already on U Mobile's Hero P70 postpaid? Well, with the new Hero Plus (Hero+) supplementary plan, you can share 10GB of data, while enjoying unlimited calls to other networks for RM60 each person (the main line holder and the supplementary line owner).

The supplementary lines are called Share 50 member lines - each costing RM50 a month, and adds another 3GB of data to be shared with other member lines and the main line.

It's not bad if you're sharing an account with data hungry users, but it all depends on usage. If your supplementary line doesn't use much data or make much calls in the first place, paying an extra RM50 might not necessarily be the best cost-saving measure unless you are sure all that data and call time will be used.

To get a more detailed price breakdown or to determine if you'd be better off with cheaper U Mobile plans, head on over to U Mobile's site.

[Source: Lowyat]