Twitter still trying to be Facebook, angers users by tweeting their Favourites

Sponsored tweets are one thing but cluttered feeds? No go
Twitter still trying to be Facebook, angers users by Tweeting their Favourites

Twitter's been busy lately. Tweaking profiles. Testing Buy Now buttons. But its latest quiet experiment - tweeting users's favourited tweets to their timelines - is not sitting well with users.

What usually happens when you favourite another user's Tweets is that you know and that user knows you know. Which makes the act of favourite-ing a personal, more private thing. You might not necessarily want people to know you still favourite Tweets by the pop band you liked in your teens. Letting your Twitter followers know what Tweets you favourite is a bit too much like how Facebook broadcasts to everyone the pages or posts that you 'like'.

Current mood on Twitter: annoyed

Twitter still trying to be Facebook, angers users by Tweeting their Favourites

Twitter has stated that it is still considering its service a constant work-in-progress. Don't like what they're doing? Tweet them.

It is pretty easy to see that a lot of users find the whole 'reveal your favourite' feature very annoying with just a cursory search. The general consensus: the feature clogs up timelines, makes it even more tricky for users who follow a lot of people to keep track of important Tweets and it's just really annoying.

No word on if and when Twitter will stop showing favourites seeing as how it hasn't exactly copped officially to implementing the feature in the first plays.

But Twitter has still a long ways to go in shutting down problematic accounts or addressing Twitter trolls, only responding in a big way when Zelda Williams announced she was closing down her Twitter after receiving a lot of Twitter abuse.

So rather than annoy your users, how about figuring how to keep the bad apples off your service Twitter?

In the meantime, get up on speed by all things Twitter.

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