Twitpic shuts down, blames Twitter's strongarm tactics

The popular image-sharing service would rather shut down than give up its name
Twitpic shuts down, blames Twitter's strongarm tactics

After six years, Twitpic is closing shop on Sept 25. Why? Because Twitter has threatened to shut off its access to Twitter's API unless Twitpic drops its bid to trademark its name. Seeing how iconic the name has been for the company and the tediousness of rebranding, it's no surprise Twitpic has decided a fight is not worth it.

Twitpic founder Noah Everett in a blogpost summarised the situation thusly: "Unfortunately we do not have the resources to fend off a large company like Twitter to maintain our mark which we believe whole heartedly is rightfully ours. Therefore, we have decided to shut down Twitpic."

Goodbye, farewell Twitpic

Twitpic shuts down, blames Twitter's strongarm tactics

Users on Twitpic have the option of downloading content uploaded to the service, whether pictures or videos in the next coming days.

The threats from Twitter (while not surprising) blindsided Twitpic as, why now after six year? Question is also, why didn't Twitter just offer to buy the service in the beginning when Twitpic was the favoured way to upload pictures on Twitter when the latter hadn't added the feature yet?

Seeing how aggressive Twitter is now in promoting picture uploads and trying to encourage people to add content to Twitter while also trying to shut out other services like Instagram, it's no surprise Twitter is going after Twitpic as well.

A Twitter spokesperson, in its defence, said it was sad to see Twitpic shut down, emphasising that it did not intend for the service to shutter. "...we made it clear that they could operate using the Twitpic name. Of course, we also have to protect our brand, and that includes trademarks tied to the brand.”

So long, Twitpic. Thanks for the memories.

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