This tiny cube could power all your smart home controls

Forget fancy remotes, just think one small simple device

The Cube is a simple and sleek little cube that will replace that smart remote or tablet of yours to control your smart home. So far the Cube is still a concept, which was designed by the German studio Family of the Arts. The goal of this device is to make controlling your home easy, so easy in fact that your toddler could use it. Not that we'd encourage it; junior might have very different ideas about when "lights off" should happen.

You tap the Cube to turn it on, and each face of the Cube shows a function in a backlit icon. Then flip it to the function that you want with the preferred function facing the top. Twist the cube clockwise to turn the function up and anti-clockwise for turning the function down(temperature, lighting, sound etc). You can also program the gestures to only control the smart devices nearby or used as a toggle switch for the entire house.

As mentioned before, the Cube is still a concept as the designing company is looking for a manufacturer that would want to bring this product out in the market. The design is simple and effective, so let’s hope they get the Cube manufactured as it gives a new way of controlling your smart home, stylishly.  

[source : Gizmodo]