Tinder Plus lets you play the rewind button on your swipes

Regretted that last swipe or non-swipe? Throw some money at Tinder and you can fix it

After announcing it not too long ago, Tinder Plus is officially live and taking your money. The Tinder app has become a social phenomenon thanks to how casual and it easy it makes hooking up with an app. While the whole juvenile swipe-if-you-like me hearkens back to that old Internet chestnut "Hot or Not" website, it's big enough that Tinder thinks it's time to make people pay for extra features.

Undo that ill-thought swipe

How does the new Tinder Plus work? Well, while you can still use it for free, paying a monthly subscription that starts from US$2.99 will get you the ability to rewind your last swipe. Maybe that guy you thought was hot, on second glance looks suspiciously like your brother's best friend or you were so drunk you passed on a hottie by accident.

If you travel a fair bit, Tinder Plus also gives you the option to change your location with its new Passport feature. Paying for the service will also remove ads and give you unlimited likes. Without a subscription, you will be limited to a set daily amount of likes, which seems to have made quite a few of its members irate judging by the new app reviews coming in.

If you're not on Tinder yet, download it from the App Store or Google Play. We're betting that there are some people who would gladly pay the US$2.99 as it's still a lot cheaper than your average dating site and a whole lot easier.

[Source: AndroidCentral]