These Star Wars drones give flight to fan dreams

Yes, these really are the drones you've been looking for

Forget model kits or Legos: these Star Wars drones are flying replicas that fans will definitely want in their collection.

Remote-control Star Wars fantasies

The drones are not available as yet but are available in four models and for preorder. There's the X-Wing, of course, a Tie fighter, speeder bike and of course, the Millenium Falcon. And they all fly.

What they all are, essentially, are quadcopter models with handily-placed propellers. How fast can they go? Think nearly 65kph - but the Falcon can go up to 80kph.

Other features to expect include three speed settings, fighting mechanics that can apparently allow up to 24 quadcopters to battle in mid-air and push-button aerial stunts.

Pricing isn't confirmed as yet but it's estimated to be between US$200 (RM810) and US$300 (RM1220). Just head on over to the site to make a reservation and once you do, you will get information on how you can make an order.

[Source: Wired]