Telcos need to bring more and better content to attract customers

Without stating the obvious, they also need to improve their networks to retain consumers
Telcos, it’s time to step up your game

Telcos have their plates full when it comes to offering us consumers access to content and connection speeds that we want, and why wouldn’t they? We’re a hard bunch to please.

When we want content that isn’t as easy to get, we go out of our way, such as VPN services to access Netflix, to attain them instead of waiting around for SingTel or StarHub to provide them.

Telcos have to revamp their strategies in being a service provider to us, according to Axiata advisor to the president, David Goldstein who spoke during a Digital Matters session at All That Matters in Singapore.

Goldstein quipped that telcos need to start partnering with content providers to satisfy our growing desire for next generation content to our devices, or TV, in the fastest way possible.

“Do we introduce you to great over-the-top (OTT) providers? Do we introduce you to local or foreign content? That’s where the playing fiend is, to get the customer what they want,” said MyRepublic head of product, Lawrence Chan.

Change will come

Telcos, it’s time to step up your game

Chan added that telcos need to aim to be trusted curator of services, but not content (because them partnering with OTT providers will solve this bit).

The rollout of ultra-HD content will make telcos work harder as users will be streaming it from various devices, but Goldstein questions the need for us to access content in ultra high definition (UHD) from all our devices. Some might say ask if it's necessary to watch UHD content on smartphones that can only support full HD. But fact is, with upcoming phones that have 2K screens, it'll soon become a necessity.

UHD content, however, is a storage hog, and streaming huge files will also require faster download speeds to avoid buffering issues. Not exactly an issue in the near future, as Goldstein mentioned the pieces of the puzzle are coming together now, especially with the increasing investment in LTE and a national broadband network.

He noted that it'll take time for the infrastructure to mature, so we can only sit tight and wait for 4G/LTE and UHD media streaming to play nice.

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