Take note: Xiaomi might be making an announcement on February 12

The Chinese mobile device manufacturer’s apparently scheduled an event in San Francisco
Take note: Xiaomi might be making an announcement on February 12

We weren’t kidding when we mentioned that Xiaomi’s aiming for global domination, one smartphone at a time. For a company that started off in China, Xiaomi’s slowly spreading its reach across Asia and now, the US is allegedly on its radar.

How do we know that, you ask? According to sources, the company’s scheduled an event for February 12 in San Francisco, marking its first major event in the US (Xiaomi has thus far traditionally hosted its product launches and announcements in China). 

So, we’re expecting Xiaomi to make some big announcements in the country later this month, although we’re not quite certain what exactly it’s planning to reveal. There could be many possibilities, including its physical presence on US soil.

Xiaomi might be setting up shop in San Francisco - it is after all, the home to many startups and tech conglomerates. Not forgetting to mention Apple and Google’s campuses aren’t too far from the city. If that’s the case, it would also mean Xiaomi’s current smartphone line-up will go on sale in the US.

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There’s also the possibility of it opening a research and development centre there, or maybe, it could be collaborating with some US tech companies (we’re just speculating at the moment, there’s no concrete evidence of this happening).

But, if it happens to be a new product announcement, we’re guessing it’s the Xiaomi Mi5, since it was captured in the production line but was never made official. However, considering the fact that it’s already revealed its Redmi 2, Mi Note, Mi Note Pro, and a bunch of other mobile gadgets, it’s probably too soon for another announcement.

Whichever the case, the event is a big deal – it’s sending out a message that this Chinese vendor is out to fight for the #1 smartphone maker spot.  

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