Star Wars Bloxels is a video-game kit in a box

A novel way to get kids of all ages into game creation

Coding is all the rage now and the Star Wars Bloxels kit is a fun way to get started on your own little Star Wars video game.

App-driven content

Okay, so 320 plastic cubes and a plastic board seem an odd setup for a video-game creator, but you're supposed to use the physical items in tandem with an iOS or Android app.

The blocks' colours are meant to represent game features. Green blocks, for instance, symbolise terrain while white blocks are 'story' blocks which you can use to indicate text boxes or checkpoints. You take a picture of the blocks on your board, then use the app to decide how they will work.

You can then set up where enemies, coins, traps and such will lie in your game, then test what you made, as well as share your work via the 'Play and Share' area on the app.

While it's a simplistic take on video-game making, the kit also makes for a nice, stress-free introduction to coding. It should appeal to Star Wars collectors too, seeing as it comes with a Death Star-themed board as well as pre-made Star Wars characters. Retails for US$49.95 (RM208); check out the Bloxels website here.

[Source: TNW]