Stand beside these LG speakers and let the Music Flow

LG’s upcoming Wi-Fi sound bars and portable speakers are so simple, you won’t even need to tap them to set up
Stand beside these LG speakers and let the Music Flow

We have a dream - to just stand beside a speaker and stream tunes from our smartphones to it immediately. No complicated setup, none of that NFC tapping. And it’s now possible with LG’s Music Flow Wi-Fi audio systems.

The wireless speakers, which were first unveiled at CES 2015, made another appearance at LG’s annual InnoFest Asia held at Kota Kinabalu. Like recent wireless speakers, the new HS9 and HS7 Wi-Fi Sound Bars link up with your mobile device via its own Wi-Fi network. 

The biggest draw from these wireless speakers is LG’s unique Range-of-Flow technology, which automatically connects to your devices when you're one foot from them. The setup was so seamless, it kind of freaked us out when the speakers came alive without much prompting.

Spec-wise, the HS9 is a 700W speaker, and with sufficient modular speakers, can support a 7.1 channel surround setup. The sound bar also retains audio quality from the use of the Hi-Fi DAC.

Stand beside these LG speakers and let the Music Flow

That modular speaker is the portable H4 Wi-Fi Speaker, which is also a standalone unit that comes with Range-of-Flow. The H4 connects with the sound bars wirelessly, creating a more immersive surround sound system for your TVs.

Unsurprisingly, music streaming services such as Spotify, Deezer and TuneIn are supported by the Music Flow speakers. Another plus point for Android users - the speakers are equipped with Google Cast. This means you can simply tap the cast button in your favourite apps on Android, iOS, or the web and throw your music to the speakers without fuss.

The speakers will also be the first time you get to experience a semblance of a smart home with LG’s HomeChat. In essence, the speakers can be activated or told to shut down after a specific period with a simple text message sent to it. The conversation goes both ways, allowing you to turn the Music Flow speakers into a personal assistant, setting alarms and alerting when notifications pop up.

For something less out of the norm, LG also has a new range of traditional wireless Bluetooth speakers. Two new Bluetooth-equipped sound bars, LAS550H and LAS450H, will be available soon. These sound bars have Multi Point support to connect multiple devices via Bluetooth. The powerful speakers will intelligently balance the audio delivery, regardless of the range and are capable of HD music playback.

On the portable front, there's the P7 portable Bluetooth speaker. Equipped with Auto Music Play for seamless playback, the Bluetooth speaker can also connect up to three devices, allowing you to switch between them easily. Get two of these and you can create a stereo setup for your smartphone with the Dual Play function.

Pricing and availabilty in Asia for the Wi-Fi enabled Music Flow speakers and Bluetooth speakers haven’t been made known yet. We’ll update the story when LG drops us the full details later.

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