Sony's new 1TB PS4 will give you double the space and double the fun*


Alongside Sony's headline-grabbing announcements that it would be remaking Final Fantasy (OMG!) and The Last Guardian (OMFG!), the company's E3 conference held a few slightly smaller revelations. 

The first of which is the arrival of a 1TB PlayStation 4 console - or, as Sony is calling it, the “Ultimate Player Edition” - which will launch in select European and PAL territories from 15 July.  Yup, no mention of Asia availability, so don't expect it in Malaysia anytime soon.

Sony has also enacted some small design changes over the current 500GB model which make the new console 10 percent lighter and eight percent more power efficient. And the glossy top cover has been ditched in favour of a new matte finish, which should keep those pesky fingerprints at bay. You’re too kind, Sony.

The third and final update was a revamp for the iOS and Android PlayStation mobile app. You’ll now be able to enter PSN gift cards and promo codes through the app, as well as display comments while you’re broadcasting from the console. You’re just spoiling us now Sony.

These updates follow the other quiet announcement that the PS4 can now finally support media playback from USB devices or home servers.

It also follows Microsoft’s announcements of a 1TB Xbox One, also with new fingerprint-friendly matte finish. 

[Source: PlayStation blog via Engadget]