Sony unveils the Xperia E4, and all the other news you’ve missed

Our morning news round-up is better than morning coffee

We get it that it’s Valentine’s Day, but that’s no excuse to leave your homes without catching up on the latest news of the week. From product launches to the latest rumours, we’ve collated them all into this round-up.

The Sony Xperia E4’s battery life is beyond splendid

We’re not too sure why Sony was very hushed about the unveil of its latest Xperia E4 smartphone, since the unit’s got a battery life that lasts for days. This mid-range smartphone might not be spec filled but it sure will be easier on your wallet as compared to some of its other offerings.

Apple’s branching out its tech into cars

Wondering what Apple’s up to, especially now that it’s saturated into the smartphone and tablet industry? Rumour has it that it’s sticking its foot into the automotive space next, and is creating a tech-pimped car. And this car is speculated to give Tesla a run for its money, especially since Apple’s apparently poaching people from Tesla.

HTC might have decided to move back into tablet making

After a three-year break, HTC could soon go back into making tablets, if you believe the sources behind the latest claim. This unofficial tablet is said to be solely HTC made, meaning it won’t be in collaboration with any other vendor (like the Google Nexus 9) but might be based on the device. 

Nikon’s D810A DSLR camera is specifically for astrophotography

What’s harder than taking pictures in the dark? Taking pictures of stars and anything beyond is. But Nikon’s come up with a solution for that – its D810A full-framed DSLR camera, engineered for astrophotography. If you’re after the specifics, it sports a whopping 36.6MP sensor, an EXPEED 4 processor, and an ISO of 51200, amongst other features.     

Spidey is now part of the Avengers’ Marvel Cinematic pack

All you spider-Man fans might have been bummed that the superhero wasn’t part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But you can now put that smile back on your face – Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures Entertainment have made that official. We can’t wait for this to be integrated into the film saga too.