Sharp's Chop-syc chopping board makes the future look delicious

A tablet as a chopping board? Absurd right? Not to Sharp

Remember that viral video of the iPad chopping board? Funny and totally absurd right? Sharp actually might be taking the concept (as much as a joke as it was) seriously.

And no, it’s not a Sharp Mebius pad that comes equipped with a chopper. Called the Chop-syc, this digital chopping board is the brainchild of Siobhan Andrews, an intern over at Sharp. The concept actually originated as a contest entry that eventually won her the paid internship job at the Sharp UK office.

Getting all chopped up

Laugh as much as you want at the absurdity of it all but based on the video and concept demo we’ve seen, it might actually be a pretty decent idea. The features are actually practical and useful and really leverages on the whole healthy cooking concept.

The whole device itself is embedded in a wooden block and comes with a scratch proof surface. Besides the more obvious use as a surface for slicing, chopping and dicing, the tablet also comes with customised software that includes a recipe manager for easy reference, a weighing scale and a visualiser that will help measure the correct or healthy portions of food according to how many people you're cooking for. And just to make sure you won’t get shocked from that stray drip of liquid, the Chop-syc even charges wirelessly.

The Chop-syc is only a prototype though but Sharp is actually seriously considering to put the product out to market. We’d recommend not putting in video playing capabilities though. Getting distracted could cause some fingers to go flying!

[Source: Engadget]