Samsung working on its own charging mat, possible neural AI chip

Guess we'll have a lot to look forward to next year

Samsung's been busy lately, filing a patent for a charging pad similar to Apple's AirPower as well as investing in an AI firm.

Smarter phones, faster charging

The patent photos show a charging mat capable of charging more than one phone as well as a smartwatch. It's similar enough to Apple's AirPower that we wonder if that's going to lead to legal complications later on.

Still, a single wireless charging station like this is a pretty convenient and cool solution especially since it reduces the amount of cables needed. Wireless charging isn't exactly fast though, so if you need a quick boost, you'll have to continue keeping those cables handy.

Also interesting is Samsung's investment into China firm DeePhiTech, which specialises in "deep learning" technologies. The firm is working on neural network compression technology as well as AI-chipsets that are neural network-based with the capability, among other things, for instant speech recognition.

This might herald Samsung enhancing its AI capabilities, following in the footsteps of both Apple and Huawei, and perhaps even making AI processing device-based instead of relying on the cloud. Bixby needs all the help it can get at this stage as it hasn't really taken off in comparison to Siri, Google Assistant and even Cortana.

Maybe next year will be the year Samsung impresses us with AI - hopefully the new tech won't take too long to learn English this time.

[Source: MashableAndroid Authority]