Samsung’s Sero TV Is Basically A 43-Inch Smartphone

This is exactly what millenials want.

Millenials have been a divisive term as of late, so many things have been blamed on Generation Y. From the falling of the diamond industry, the rise in avocado demand, and the fall of television. Samsung seems to want to rectify the latter by releasing a “millennial-focused” Smart TV.

Say hello to the Sero, a vertical TV that seems to be honing in on vertical videos made famous by the likes of Snapchat and Instagram. Samsung showed off this new TV recently in Seoul, alongside their other lifestyle-focused TVs, the Frame and the Serif. These two TVs were designed as homepieces, acting more like picture frames than a TV for the whole family.

The Sero is meant for young people to project more of the media on their smartphones onto a larger screen, this extends to social media apps and music streaming apps. What makes this 43-inch beast even more like a smartphone is the inclusion of Samsung’s AI assistant, Bixby. Besides that, the Sero is equipped with a 4.1 channel, 60W speakers, and an integrated stand. It also can be rotated on its side to be a regular TV.

The Sero is priced at 1,890,000 Won in Samsung’s native country of South Korea, which equates to about MYR 6,700. It will release there by the end of May with no word on  local availability just yet.