Samsung Galaxy Smartphones To Have AMD Radeon Graphics Soon

Ultra low power, high-performance mobile graphics is in store for future Samsung smartphones

Imagine having a smartphone with graphics as powerful as a gaming laptop? Well, imagine no more as AMD and Samsung have announced a deal with AMD providing Samsung with its Radeon graphics technology for future mobile devices; this includes Galaxy smartphones.

To put it specifically, AMD is licensing out is recently announced and “highly-scalable” RDNA graphics architecture to Samsung for use in its mobile devices. Samsung will then pay AMD the appropriate licensing fees and royalties for it in return.

AMD had announced its new RDNA graphics architecture at Computex 2019 last week. The keynote revealed the semiconductor maker’s new Navi GPU architecture, which in turn is based on the new 7nm fabrication. This is also being used in AMD’s 3rd generation Ryzen CPU series.

Samsung so far seems to be the only AMD client to be using it for their smartphone devices. To date, AMD’s GPU and CPU technology powers the current generation PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Google’s Stadia cloud-based gaming platform is also reportedly powered by AMD’s graphics technology.

No announcement yet on when these powerful graphic smartphones will be released, but we can be certain that it is expected to be an “ultra low power, high-performance mobile graphics IP” for future mobiles from Samsung.