Samsung Galaxy S5 to hit Malaysia on March 27, could cost RM2399

That's quite a hefty price to pay for Samsung's flagship Android smartphone
Samsung Galaxy S5 to hit Malaysia on March 27

No need to wonder when the Samsung Galaxy S5 will be hitting our shores. Based on a media invite, the date has been set to 27th March.

That’s fine and dandy, till you hear the rumoured retail price. According to an insider who spoke to Malaysian Wireless, it's set at RM2399. Now that's going to put the hurt in your wallet real bad.

It’s not clear if the RM2399 price tag is for the 4G LTE or non-LTE version. If it's for the non-LTE version, it would be pretty pricey considering that most of the other branded flagship devices with LTE speeds are going for below that price.

It’s all speculation for now but we’ll know more once 27th March rolls in.

Source: Malaysian Wireless

A bit on the high side

According to tech blogger Vernon Chan, RM2399 is on the high side. Based on the pricing structure of the Samsung Galaxy S flagships, they have always been around the RM2099 to RM2299 range.

The Galaxy S range has also been priced lower than the Galaxy Note series, and with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 LTE going at RM2399, it seems highly unlikely that Samsung would price the Samsung Galaxy S5 higher or at the same price as the former.