Samsung Galaxy Fold May Go On Sale This September 6 In South Korea

Samsung has yet to confirm this though

We all know that the Samsung Galaxy Fold is set to launch sometime this month, though it's surprising to know that it could be launching a lot sooner than expected. South Korean news sources has claimed that the Galaxy Fold is actually set to go on sale this Friday, September 6, in South Korea.

Korean news agency Yonhap talked about three telecoms related to September 6, which is the first day of IFA 2019, and it looks like Samsung is using that platform to launch the Galaxy Fold. Samsung has declined to comment on the matter though, so take this news with some level of doubt for now.

Regardless, we should be expecting the Samsung Galaxy Fold anytime this month, and if all goess well, the Galaxy Fold will be a revolution in the world of smartphone tech. It's set to be sold at USD$1980 (~MYR8330) though so it better be more than just an expensive screen.