Samsung Patents AR Enabled Glasses

Featuring a frame-activated screen in its lens.

Samsung still has a lot of innovations up their sleeve, especially with the Galaxy Note 10 coming in just under a month, and the Galaxy Fold coming sometime this year. That said, the company isn’t stopping at new smartphones; new patents suggest a whole new product coming sometime in the future.

Based on a whole new patent made by Samsung to the U.S Patent & Trademark Office, the Korean company is looking to make mixed reality glasses, which can fold and have a display built in the lens of the glasses. The patent was made back in January 2nd 2019, with the most interesting aspect being the display being automatically turned off and on by the frames of the glasses.

Unlike the Google Glass, which acted as an add-on to glasses, and the Microsoft Hololens, which was more like a VR headset, Samsung’s new glasses will look like a regular pair of sunglasses. A small square display will be on the right lens, showing 3D images translucently to the user. The patent also suggests the processor housing ARM chips and Bluetooth capabilities. 


All in all, we might not see these AR glasses come to light just yet, as the time between a patent and an actual product may take years to come to fruition. Judging by the filed patents, it seems Samsung is promising something pretty special, and we won’t be surprised if it would be called the Galaxy Glasses.