Ryan Seacrest wants to turn your iPhone into a BlackBerry

The celebrity backed Typo adds a familiar looking keyboard to your iPhone 5S

You read that right. Host extraordinaire Ryan Seacrest thinks that we all still need buttons for our messaging.

The product in question is the Typo keyboard and it’ll be making its debut at CES 2014. The keyboard comes in the form of a case that encases the iPhone and turns it into what looks like a long BlackBerry Q10. It even has backlit and sculpted keys. The Home button gets covered in the process but there’s a small substitute key on the keyboard that’ll take its place. The Typo keyboard is expected to ship in January itself at a US$99 (RM319) price tag.

So do you think that physical keys are still necessary? Ryan Seacrest seems to think so and he’s putting his money where his telegenic mouth is. According to Allthingsd's sources, Seacrest and his co-founder have already invested over US$1 million. It’s not ending there either as more than US$5 million is expected to be further invested, with future keyboard products in development.

Now we wonder if they can fit a battery pack in there as well. 

Source: Allthingsd.com